Welcome Beauties!

I created this blog to help women understand that you are not alone.  As women, we experience so many things; some good, some bad and so many things in between.  At times we attempt to maneuver through on our own and pretend that everything is perfect when it’s not.

My name is Ashley Miller Theodate and on my journey, I have found that comradery amongst women can be a very warm and powerful place.  I have also had lessons and experiences that I would like to share in hopes that it would help someone to get through their lessons a little bit easier.  I pray that as you read each blog and delve into its content, it would inspire you, empower you, and bring a spark of positivity into your day.

Just a little bit about me.  I have been married since 2010 to the love of my life, Eddy.  I love to write and communicate ideas.  I am also a beauty enthusiast and love to play in makeup when I get the chance.  The Natural Beauty for Ashes site will showcase my thoughts, interests, and experiences as well as other women.  I invite you to connect with me on social media.  The links are featured at the bottom of the site.